Callidora Makeup

By: LaToya Dennis



I am the owner and founder of Callidora MakeupLLC.  I have been working in the Makeup Industry for over 8 years.  I have been featured on  HYPE HAIR.COM for my work on the Diva Project in Baltimore Maryland, helping women of domestic abuse.  I have been blessed to work on  Independent Films such as Bikini Moon and the Fugitive Slave Trails working alongside Celebrity Makeup Artist Shannon Thompson.  I also work in the High Fashion/Runway Makeup Industry.   I started doing makeup as a fun hobby.  However, I became obsessed with the idea that just with two hands, a brush, and beautiful colors ones face could be enhanced. Through training and much practice, I have been able to begin my journey as a Makeup Professional.

Callidora Makeup as a brand takes notice that sometimes when people feel good on the outside the inside will also feel better.   My number one business partner is GOD the source that I  give all credit to for everything that I have accomplished thus far.

 Today I am proud to call myself a founder and professional Makeup Artist!  My saying is "Beauty on the Inside Makeup on the outside!"

When I look at faces I see a lot of things.  I see potential and visions of what I can do for each person.  However, what I want to do and what my clients want may be different.  Because I aim to please I like to do consultations to get a feel for what my client's needs are.   This is our time to explore!"

"My saying is you should always leave the makeup chair happy.  You are the only one who has to wear your face!  I hope that you enjoy my website and call me if you want to set up an appointment to take your beauty to the next level!